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With us you have the right partner on your side!

As one of European biggest wholesaler for toys, Legler is the expert for valuable wooden toys, decoration and gift items. For more than 30 years!
We offer a program which is tailored to the trade with more than 2.000 products and we support your sale:

  • 98% product availability
  • POS-support: rack solutions, colourful designed boxing, give-aways for the final costumers, free crafting templates
  • The dispatch takes place in a minimum of time
  • with the exclusive Legler labels
    small footsmall foot design and small foot baby
    as well as many licenced products of Shaun the Sheep, Ritter Rost or Sandman, Legler offers imported product ranges with an outstanding value for money
  • Quality and responsibility: All toys which are distributed by us match DIN EN 71 as well as other strict internal and external test criteria. The employees of the Legler quality management are certified as specialists by the TÜV Rheinland.

Wooden toys

For our wooden toys we prefer to use wood from domestic forests and reafforestations.

In the center of our product development are child-oriented toys made of sustainable materials with a high play value. All toys match the requirements of the European quality specifications ICTI and EN71 and furthermore their quality is tested internally and externally.

From baby toys to the rocking horse, from the doll buggy to the wooden train: Legler toys are secure, creative and have a high quality.

Natural, pollution-free and made-to-last


Decoration items


Quality at a low price!

Our decoration items perfectly complement the Legler toy product range.

There are suitable accessories and decoration ideas and trends for all seasons and occasions from Christmas to the children’s birthday party, from the garden to the advent decoration.

Immerse yourself in the world of small things, which can embellish the everyday life!

With small foot products to the sales success!

small foot logos

We emphasize our aspiration to produce child-oriented products responsibly with our in house developed and exclusively distributed labels – especially to put a smile into the children’s eyes!

Small feet and big names

small foot – products are now available as licenced products of well-known names like Peanuts, Sandman, Shaun the Sheep, Paddington Bear or Ritter Rost.

This fast-growing product range pulls in the sales!

small foot by Legler


Special offers

  • 6330

    Flying Frog

    This cute frog has rubber bands in his arms which can volley him through the room. He looks nearly like superman with his red cape - but only nearly!
    About the product
  • 4908


    Cuddly and soft small bee with embroidered face – a good friend for our youngest! Displayed in transparent plastic bag – waiting for the new best friend.
    About the product
  • 8909

    3D Puzzle Pisa Tower

    The most famous and incredible tower of the world grows tall, only made of 13 pieces!
    About the product
  • 8910

    3D Puzzle Burj al Arab

    Built up with 37 individual pieces one of the most incredible architectural masterpieces of the new millennium!
    About the product
  • 9041

    3D Puzzle Trojan Horse

    97 well shaped styrofoam pieces have to be assembled to the probably best known horse of the world. There are no limits for puzzle enthusiasts and new challenges will be in demand soon! 97 parts.
    About the product
  • 9049

    3D Puzzle Frog Pond

    „Leon Frog“ and his friends are creating their own little frog world. Various elements made of sturdy carton can systematically be assembled and form a colourful frog pond with little extras like rolls, barbecue, tent and rain shelter. A great handy craft toy which demands a bit of dexterity and trains concentration. 56 parts.
    About the product
  • 4755

    Plug Puzzle Shapes School Bus

    The yellow school busses are always shown in US-american movies but this version is more than just a vehicle for the way to school. With this puzzle little bus drivers can match the coloured geometric shapes, sorted according to size, to the corresponding bars. A perfect way to train the recognition of colours, shapes and sizes in a playful way.
    About the product
  • 1184

    Wooden Puzzle Bear & Butterfly

    This brightly coloured wooden puzzle set consists of 9 puzzle pieces and 4 spacers which provide a good haptic feeling and are easy to puzzle. Another challenge: try to pile up the puzzle pieces and create a wobbling tower. Doubled play fun as both sides are printed with cute animal images.
    About the product
  • 9834

    Creative Kit "Tiger"

    This environmentally friendly, high quality creative kit encourages the development of the motor skills of the child. With the simple, patented click-rotation system the individual components can be combined without limits. The parts can be installed in many different ways and can be placed in various positions.
    About the product
  • 1181

    Wooden Train „Toy Blocks“

    14 parts. Colourful play fun at full tilt: the engine powers while three green and yellow wooden blocks in each waggon are transported through the child's room. The brightly painted locomotive with waggons nurtures the sensual skills of infants.
    About the product
  • 8569

    Mushroom House

    Attractive and with great play value: The colourfully painted toadstool house is a home for small forest gnomes. A great alternative to common houses is this wooden doll's residence. Cute accessory e.g. garden swing, sitting area and bed complete this smashing article.
    About the product
  • 1183

    Catapult "Monkey"

    Watch out! Monkey is shooting! The small board in the inner side of the monkey is equipped with a rubber band which turns this item into a catapult. Small spherules can be shot over some distance. On the outer sides the monkey is imaged as a filigreed drawing.
    About the product

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