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With us you have the right partner on your side!

As one of European biggest wholesaler for toys, Legler is the expert for valuable wooden toys, decoration and gift items. For more than 30 years!
We offer a program which is tailored to the trade with more than 2.000 products and we support your sale:

  • 98% product availability
  • POS-support: rack solutions, colourful designed boxing, give-aways for the final costumers, free crafting templates
  • The dispatch takes place in a minimum of time
  • with the exclusive Legler labels
    small footsmall foot design and small foot baby
    as well as many licenced products of Shaun the Sheep, Ritter Rost or Sandman, Legler offers imported product ranges with an outstanding value for money
  • Quality and responsibility: All toys which are distributed by us match DIN EN 71 as well as other strict internal and external test criteria. The employees of the Legler quality management are certified as specialists by the TÜV Rheinland.

Wooden toys

For our wooden toys we prefer to use wood from domestic forests and reafforestations.

In the center of our product development are child-oriented toys made of sustainable materials with a high play value. All toys match the requirements of the European quality specifications ICTI and EN71 and furthermore their quality is tested internally and externally.

From baby toys to the rocking horse, from the doll buggy to the wooden train: Legler toys are secure, creative and have a high quality.

Natural, pollution-free and made-to-last

Decoration items

Quality at a low price!

Our decoration items perfectly complement the Legler toy product range.

There are suitable accessories and decoration ideas and trends for all seasons and occasions from Christmas to the children’s birthday party, from the garden to the advent decoration.

Immerse yourself in the world of small things, which can embellish the everyday life!

With small foot products to the sales success!

small foot logos

We emphasize our aspiration to produce child-oriented products responsibly with our in house developed and exclusively distributed labels – especially to put a smile into the children’s eyes!

Small feet and big names

small foot – products are now available as licenced products of well-known names like Peanuts, Sandman, Shaun the Sheep, Paddington Bear or Ritter Rost.

This fast-growing product range pulls in the sales!

small foot by Legler

Special offers

  • 4431


    The trees, flowers, leaves and fruits can all be inserted so every tree can be given its own individual look! Comprehensive accessory set for e.g. farms, doll's houses and zoo.
    About the product
  • 5101

    Shape Challenge

    2-piece set. Each with 8 natural coloured and 8 bright triangles to make new shapes and figures! The shapes can be stored on the practical rods.
    About the product
  • 8284

    Textile Basket, filled / Stoffkorb

    A fantastic shopping basket made of solid textile with a foldable handle and frame made of bamboo. A lovely add-on for our toy shops with many packets of brand-named products.
    About the product
  • 4478

    Asia Spear

    Enthusiastic little Asia fans can learn about the breathtaking martial arts and acrobatics of Chinese monks or re-enact adventures from China.
    About the product
  • 4595

    Parlour Games Action Cube

    This cube made of solid wood will beat the boredom. Every side features a sporty exercise as an image and one as text, a total of 12 which will get both young and old bones moving!
    About the product
  • 6425

    Rattle Wand "Multicoloured"

    This toy will nurture the hand-eye coordination and motor activity capabilities in a playful manner. The task is to push the block gliding on the stick into the coloured fields. The referring colour is indicated by the dice. This toy will also challenge your childs patience! Its really a challenge!
    About the product
  • 1574

    Marble Run Marble Run "Dolphins"

    Funny coloured dolphins pass the marbles with their mouths. The marbles reach their destination by touching metal platelets making sounds! With coloured wooden figures and a stand of high quality, clear varnished beechwood.
    About the product
  • 2884

    Nostalgic "Tipsi"

    Up to 4 players can train their dexterity - take the marbles with the coloured wooden peel, try to manage to get it into the the funnel with the same colour, but ...oh.no, it is not as easy as it seems to be! So one more try!
    About the product
  • 3365

    Gift Articles Birthday Set "Variable"

    A great birthday set with candle holders in various designs. Thanks to the different wooden elements new designs can be created for every birthday.
    About the product
  • 4091

    Deco Sticks Castle

    Little princes will get here big eyes and big smiles! Two arches of brightly coloured motives in child-friendly cute design will make everyone happy!
    About the product
  • 6488

    Doorhanger "Black Board"

    Coloured varnished doorhangers with animal motifs for leaving messages using the included special pens.
    About the product
  • 1872

    Christmas Decoration Christmas Caravan

    A colourful train with Christmas flair. Now the presents come by train. Christmas version of the birthday trains.
    About the product
  • 2379

    Christmas Illumination Light "Star", large

    With nice effect: Switch on the silver LED lights and see them sparkling through the half-transparent foil which causes a 3D effect. A pretty wooden star frame with small blanked-out stars. This reminds of good old times.
    About the product
  • 1839

    Toy World Nativity Play

    23 colourful wooden parts. Large hand carved version.
    About the product
  • 1499

    Wooden Box White

    Set of 4. These wonderfully processed wooden boxes in white are available in four different sizes. They are finely polished and have a notch on the short side. They work really great as a decoration, for storage and transportation.
    About the product
  • 2199

    Birthday Train "Multi-coloured"

    This train with interchangeable figures 1 6 and waggons up to 6 small candles is an imperative decoration for each birthday table! You can order candles in white or red right away!
    About the product
  • 7611

    Birthday Meadow

    Incl. 9 numbers for plugging in, 8 flowers as candle holders and bees sit on the number of years.
    About the product
  • 2139

    Easter Decoration Rabbit School

    The cute rabbit school recalls the good old days. Little bunnies, neatly dressed, sitting at their desks, the bunny teacher gives lessons on the blackboard. The wooden figurines are painted in bright colours - a charming decoration for the Easter table. 7 pieces. Matching to the book: A Day at Bunny School from Albert Sixtus and Fritz Koch-Gotha
    About the product
  • 6587

    Garden Decoration Bird House "Villa Kunterbunt"

    Set of 2. These small houses having many detailed ornaments and a small hatch with a bar are a beautiful residence for birds! They will love to live in the garden. A presentable decoration made of glazed plywood for the terrace, the balcony, the house or the shop window. 2 pieces.
    About the product
  • 1262

    Garden Decoration Colourful Windmill Display

    Set of 24. The small, colourful windmills are waiting in the front garden for the wind to come and make them spin. They not only have different colours but feature stripes, dots and flowers. The wooden stick can be placed in flower beds or window boxes.
    About the product
  • 1195

    Christmas Tree Decoration Display "Wooden Hanging Decoration"

    168 pieces. A great decoration for any Christmas tree. 168 decorative pendants with filigree cut-outs will embellish any living room. The pendants are perfectly displayed on a Christmas tree made of wood perfect for the sales counter in a store.
    About the product
  • 6952

    Grocery "Vario"

    Can quickly be converted from a shop to a puppet theatre! Moveable side sections and stylishly shaped shelves (without decoration).
    About the product
  • 4620

    Motor Activity Cube Activity Cube, large

    Five sides of play and fun combined with an educational effect.
    About the product
  • 7223

    Shape Sorter Zoo Cart with Animals

    Clear varnished zoo cart with red head lights and wheels. All exotic and wild animals get into the cart by using their own made-to-measure doors. A great game to nurture the shape recognition and the fine motor skills.
    About the product
  • 2499

    Grocery Accessories Trolley "Nature"

    A traditional addition to our shopping trolley selection. The clear-varnished surface makes this article easy to clean and the solid rollers care for an excellent running quality. Accessories not included.
    About the product
  • 1532

    Toy World Park Garage "Metropolitan"

    Rich detailed parking garage made of brightly coloured plywood. Parking is possible on 3 different levels the helipad and the stepless lift with crank provide additional fun and joy. The 7-parts accessory set consists of vehicles with turnable wheels and petrol pump.
    About the product
  • 5261

    Grocery Accessories Ice Stand

    Ice-lollies and wafer-ice (8 - 10 cm) made of colourfully glazed solid wood, can be decoratively presented on a stand made of solid wood and plywood. Wafers and lollies can be placed in the holes on 3 levels. A "cool" completion to the toy shops and kitchens!
    About the product
  • 6113

    Doctor Case "Isabel"

    Equipped with clinical thermometer, stethoscope and nurse cap every little nurse is well prepared for the next visit in the dolls hospital. Also the clipboard, the tin for pills, the ointment tube and the little tincture bottle are made of lacquered wood. The 6 colourful adhesive tapes are perfect complements! In sweet strawberry design.
    About the product
  • 4745

    Tool Belt

    Home improvement! With this colourful tool belt little craftsmen are best prepared. Including ruler, screwdriver, hammer, jaw spanner, three screws and five nuts made of solid wood with colourful lacquering. The click buckles of the strong nylon belt can be opened and closed quickly.
    About the product
  • 7393

    Bear Walker

    Having fun playing whilst learning at the same time: whether its matching colours, recognising shapes, telling the time or learning numbers and drawing. This practical child walker with hinged lid offers all of this and is also a practical toy box for favourite toys. The wooden wheels have a rubber coating to ensure a smooth running on the floor.
    About the product
  • 7190

    Baby Swing Swing Horse, high

    Solid wood, stable design with extra high sides.
    About the product
  • 7988

    Wordplay Boggle

    Approximately 145 wooden cubes and an inserting board in a wooden chest.
    About the product
  • 6094

    Motor Activity Cube "Giuliano"

    Fun and games over 7 sides to train fine motor skills, shape and colour recognition and logical thinking! Sturdy combination of solid wood and plywood. On 6 sides and the top you can find a memory game, activity loops and labyrinths, a puzzle and an abacus. The resilient wooden elements offer great playing options for several children at the same time!
    About the product
  • 4432

    Motor Activity Toy House of Locks

    Wooden house with different locks and levers, door chain, D-locks & cylinder locks. This house trains everyday motor skills! But watch out your lovely little kids will soon be able to open every lock!
    About the product
  • 1767

    Wooden Puzzle Puzzle "Farming"

    With wooden pegs for little fingers.
    About the product
  • 2430

    Board Game Ludo "Pirate Island"

    Another creative design for one of the most amazing parlour games in an implementable wooden box. Funny painted pirates compete against the opposing teams! With dice (1 - 6). Attention: from November 2015 the article will be delivered in a colourful packaging!
    About the product
  • 3429

    Wooden Car Car "Fernando"

    Vroom! Vroom! The model Fernando is the top car among the wooden models in a sporty design! Due to the window this is an easy to grasp toy.
    About the product
  • 4760

    Grasp Toy "Caterpillar"

    A small caterpillar with its round body crawls across its territory. It bends its body in all directions thanks to the colourful wooden disks connected by a rubber band. The funny eyes are looking for the right way with the sensors. This wooden caterpillar promotes fine motor skills of babies.
    About the product
  • 6475

    Threading Game Threading Shoe "Coloured"

    Set of 2. Threading shoes help to learn tying shoelaces. Trains patience and dexterity.
    About the product
  • 6569

    Ball Track Hammer Tower Beads "Large"

    This well-shaped wooden tower is a funny game! After hitting the 3 coloured wooden balls ( 4,5 cm) they will run down the steps with cheerful clattering!
    About the product
  • 1920

    Toy World Pirate Ship

    31 pieces accessory set. On deck, lazy scoundrels! Let's knuckle down! New adventures are waiting! Elaborately constructed ship from strong solid wood. The Rolls Royce of pirate ships.
    About the product

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